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dealconnections where up to 60 new deals are added every week

dealconnections is the go-to web tool for any serious investor seeking the perfect investment opportunity in the UK. Over 85% of all businesses advertised for sale between £750k and £30M appear right here on our website – with up to 60 new deals added every week.

Plus, you get up-to-date information on M&A activity, company revenue and profit trends for each businesses market sector, allowing you to instantly see how the business stacks up against its competition and better value the opportunity. dealconnections is the perfect online tool whether you’re an MBI candidate, in corporate M&A, private equity deal origination or portfolio management.

With Inflector we now provide bespoke and tailored lead generation services to professional services organisations, introducing you to businesses that will require M&A, legal and tax services even before they know it themselves. The very best and easiest way to win business.

dealconnections has been created for business people just like you. Ambitious, successful, shrewd, yet with little time to seek out the next big money-making investment. But that’s where we can help.

We’ve got years of experience of working with acquisitive companies, as well as thousands of individual investors, all looking for the ideal merger or acquisition. Financially-astute businessmen and women keen to leave corporate directorships and instead discover the perfect management buy-out or buy-in opportunity alongside institutional investors with deep pockets driving buy and build strategies.

How do we do it? Well, there’s no big secret, we’ve simply developed excellent working relationships with accountants, business brokers, M&A boutiques and legal experts. With their help, we’ve got access to the details of more than 85% of all the companies being sold by the major UK-based market consolidators. Which means nobody has a clearer understanding of the current investment market than dealconnections.

To access this information is easy. You simply choose from the free access or one of our three levels of subscriptions and the good news is there’s one to suit every type of investor. Every week you’ll get details of the very latest business opportunities not widely available anywhere else.

For instance, our completely free account lets you access the thousands of deals that come to market which are advertised for sale each year in the UK. Our premium offering The Deal Maker subscription gets you access to not only the latest deals but 7 years of historical deal information, access to distressed, off market and sensitive mandates, unlimited mandates plus use of our deal monitoring tools the DC Index, Market Dynamics and our exclusive lead generation tool, Inflector. Whichever subscription you pick you can be safe in the knowledge that nobody is better placed to find the right investment opportunity than clients of dealconnections

How investors benefit from our service

dealconnections has one simple aim, to enable acquisitive companies, private equity firms, MBI candidates, buy-side advisors and professional services firms to monitor UK businesses for sale and put them in touch with potential clients, businesses for sale and their vendor advisors. We do this by delivering a range of daily matches to your specified criteria that no other company can supply.

What’s in it for us?

We’re all in business to make money, right? So you’re probably wondering how we make ours. Well, in return for access to the business for sale information we charge a monthly subscription fee that varies according to the level of service you require. dealconnections will never charge you success fees for any introduction however some of our third party data partners may want to agree commercial terms or obtain significant information about potential purchasers before providing you with further details on the opportunity.

How it all works

Shown below are the different levels of monthly subscription. These have been carefully structured to meet the needs of every kind of investor and start from less than £1 a day.

Whether you’re a business or a private investor, the first thing to do is set up a personal profile. We don’t need to know the colour of your eyes, just a few basic details about you or your business and the kind of investment opportunities that you’re looking for.

Then, when you’ve chosen the level of service that fits your budget, we get to work finding you the perfect matches. From these results, it’s up to you whether you want to look at them in more detail, so simply put them in your virtual basket and request an IM for each one.

And remember, when you’ve found the perfect investment, we can even provide corporate finance and deal support via our sister company, LS29 Capital.

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Free Access

for new users


for 12 Months

Sign up for an account or instant access through LinkedIn. Get access to current live opportunities. Create a profile and receive deal notifications for matching new deals. Up to 5 IM’s per year.

Market Monitor

for new users


for 12 Months or £25 per month

Same benefits as Free Account plus
12 months of historical opportunities.
Access to Sensitive, Off Market and Distressed deals. Up to 10 IM’s per annum.

Active Investor

for new users


for 12 Months or £50 per month

Same benefits as Market Monitor plus Full access to 7 years of historical opportunities. Access to the DC Index. Up to 20 IM’s per annum. Access to our Market Dynamics tool (coming Q4 2015).

Deal Maker

for new user's


for 12 Months

Same benefits as Active Investor plus Unlimited IM’s. Future access to the Inflector Portal, Market “Magic Quadrant” and Direct Competitor Information (Company Names, Director Names, Linked Companies).- all coming soon!

All our subscriptions can be paid online either monthly or annually by credit card or Debit Card. If paying monthly all subscriptions come with a 30 day cancellation period. Alternatively we can invoice you directly for an annual subscription. You can upgrade your membership at any time and claim back any previous paid (and unused) credit against the new membership fee.


Latest News

dealconnections is the only industry portal providing “lead indicator” statistics on the M&A industry in the UK. The DC Index monitors the deals coming to market, providing a barometer of how the market is behaving and delivering stats like number of deals or amount of revenue currently on the market in key industry sectors. We also collate news and updates from a variety of news services and publish here for your interest.


Market Dynamics is a new service that looks at the market sector the opportunity is in and provides you with some key analytics against which you can evaluate the business. We provide revenue and profit growth in the sector for businesses of a similar size, and provide you with a Sector Map – a magic quadrant showing all similar sized businesses and a graphical representation of where they sit in terms of profit and revenue growth.

Inflector takes market dynamics a step further by providing links to companies and the key personnel, alongside an Inflection score, giving an indication of how likely the business is to require key professional services assistance in the coming months. This includes identifying businesses likely to require turnaround / restructuring services, M&A services to find a benevolent parent or those who are likely to become acquisitive to further their growth.

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