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The following questions are frequently asked about using the dealconnections site. This FAQ sheet is designed to help you get the most out of your subscription from the off.

I hope you enjoy using the site and that you are successful in finding that perfect deal.

How are the deals organised on the site?

We have an archive of previously advertised and unsold deals going back to 2008. Some of these will be currently marketed, others will be “off market” deals where the company is no longer actively seeking acquisition. The reference numbers are sequential and the site shows you the most recently listed opportunities first.

Deals with higher numbers are likely to be easier to get information on that those with lower numbers although many deals come from new interest in an old mandate.

Why do you ask for a LinkedIn link and a Credibility Statement?

Vendor advisors act to protect their clients in a number of ways, one key way is in vetting applicants for an Information Memorandum. The information shared in an IM is often very detailed and can be commercially sensitive.

The very fact a business is up for sale could cause reputational damage to the business – it is in everyone’s interest that confidentiality is maintained and only viable, bona-fida buyers with the capability to close a transaction get hold of this highly sensitive information.

The credibility statement is your elevator pitch to the vendor in terms of your ability to complete a deal. The LinkedIn profile backs up this statement.

To speed up processing, it is better if you complete this now.

What do the various flags mean?

There are three key flags on the system

  • Sensitive – this is a mandate where the vendor advisor has requested all but the scantest details are withheld, prior to the vetting of a potential buyer. Usually this is because the target is either very well known or views potential reputational damage as a significant risk. Often these are deals that are marketed only to two or three specific potential buyers – we provide a chance to get on that list

  • Off Market – this is a mandate where the business was marketed for sale but this was not successful and the vendor advisor is no longer actively marketing the business. Approaches to these deals are often the catalyst for bringing the opportunity back to market, often at very sensible valuations. Our off market database is a significant potential source of high value opportunities

  • Distressed– this is a business that is in severe danger of going out of business without swift intervention. If the description includes a date for submission and this has past, it is very likely that this business is either sold or out of business – we are not always informed when this has happened

How long does it take to get an IM?

The process we follow when you order an IM is as follows…

  • We contact the vendor advisor and present you as a buyer and request an NDA / IM Application Pack

  • Once you complete the NDA (which may include additional questions about your background and future plans) and return this to us, we will forward to the vendor advisor

  • Assuming the NDA is OK and the vendor advisor is satisfied you are a viable acquirer and there are no conflicts of interest, they will release the IM to you

This process can be very quick or it can take a number of days, especially if the opportunity is old or off-market. We will always try to keep you informed as and when things progress.

Should a business you have requested further information on not be currently available, or should the vendor advisor refuse to issue the IM, any fees paid for that IM will be refunded in full.

What happens if I want to progress with the purchase of a company?

Once you have had the IM you will have full details on the vendor advisor and the target company. From this point forwards you deal directly with them. Should you require corporate finance, fundraising, accounting or legal services, we have a partnership programme and can put you in touch with advisors we have previously worked with on closing deals.

We also have access to a pool of skilled interims that can provide assistance with anything from driving out the synergies to IT integration – contact us for more details.

I’ve heard that the success fees associated with using intermediaries can be quite expensive

dealconnections will never charge you a success fee for an introduction to a vendor advisor or intermediary. Some of the intermediaries that do advertise deals on our site will look to arrange commercial terms with you prior to introducing you to the client, but we can help you negotiate these fees to keep them as low as possible.

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